Nara Shin

The Communicator, The Helper, and The Lover

About Me

I am a communicator and helper. I graduated from Whitworth University in May 2023 with dual Bachelor's degrees in Communications and Sociology. 

My Values

I want to make other people healthy and happy. I am passionate about justice and peace all around the world. I don’t think society should separate people from their races, genders, and ages. I want a better world where everyone is treated equally and loved.

My Skills

I am trained in professional writing, public relations, social media management, and video editing. I am proficient in English and Korean and can also speak Mandarin. 

Get in Touch

I can be reached via email at 

My Articles

Increased garbage on campus: How to keep the campus clean?

Increased trash from disposable utensils and plates has resulted in increased waste from the dining hall this year. Before school started, Sodexo managers and Whitworth staff planned several ways to lower the amount of trash and throughout the year students have joined their efforts. Stuart Dimmel is the manager of custodial services at Whitworth. According to Dimmel, approximately 39 tons of garbage were generated in September and October 2019. This year, 54 tons of waste were generated during that same time period.